What is Unit Platform?

Unit Platform is a product platform that improves IT and business management with software for infrastructure monitoring, hardware and software inventory control, and dashboards that provide greater visibility to business indicators.

How can Unit Platform help you?

Unit Platform has three products designed for different necessities of the IT environment. Here are the main features for each product:

MULTISITE monitoring

Monitor your IT infrastructure responsibly and scalably by customizing tasks, rules, and action automations.

  • Schedule device discovery: discover devices and services within local and remote networks.
  • Customizable actions: execute actions proactively in case a problem is detected.
  • Monitoring rules: define when and how a service should generate monitoring alerts according to your requirements.
  • Notifications: configure the system to notify you in case of problems. Notifications can be sent using Telegram or e-mail.

Multisite Monitoring – Status summary

ASSET management

Control your entire hardware and software environment with timelines, quantities, updates, and licenses.

  • Inventory of hardware and software components: discover which hardwares and softwares are being used within your network. This feature is available through the usage of the Unit Platform Cloud Agent for Windows and Linux devices.
  • Controlling software licenses: manage the licenses that are being used in your environment and discover which ones are being used in more places than they should.
  • Configuration changes: keep the history of software and hardware changes of your devices.

Asset Management – Inventory summary

BUSINESS metrics

View relevant process and business metrics in graphical and intuitive dashboards that are easy to integrate.

  • Custom dashboards: create your own dashboards and have a integrated and real time view of the data available in Unit Platform.
  • Displaying external data: integrate with external systems to display data in your dashboards. Business Metrics, by default, allows you to display Google Analytics website statistics in dashboards.
  • Sharing dashboards: create permalinks that can be shared with external users without requiring them to log in to the platform.

Business Metrics – Example dashboard

To learn more about Unit Platform, access our website.