Unit Platform On-premises - Release 6.0-0

New product: Cloud View

Cloud View was created to allow a better visualization of the cloud infrastructure hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). With Cloud View you can:

  • Verify the status of an EC2 instance or EBS volume.

Consolidated view of the status of the EC2 instances

  • Check the consumption of CPU and credits of “T” type instances (t2.medium, t2.micro, for example).

Dashboard of a t2.micro instance

  • Check performance metrics of EBS volumes.

Performance metrics available on EBS volumes, they can be visualized on the volume’s dashboard

  • Visualize AWS costs by product and account.

Billing of an AWS account

New way of getting in contact with our support service

In order to facilitate the contact with Unit Platform’s support team, a chat tool was made available within the platform. Through the chat, it will be possible to request the opening of tickets and/or clarification of doubts.

To open the chat, use the icon shown below:

Chat icon

After opening the chat, just type a message and the support team will get back to you.

Chat window

New features

  • New dashboards for devices, services and groups: new dashboards were created within Multisite Monitoring to replace the defaults provided by Business Metrics. Default dashboards that were customized are still available through Business Metrics.

Device dashboard

  • Performance data projections: for services monitored by Multisite monitoring, it’s possible to create projections and try to prevent possible service failures. To know more about projections, read this article.

Service performance projection

  • Document upload: created a repository to upload files to the platform. This feature is available at Options > Documents.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various minor errors and layout adjustments.