Unit Platform On-premises - Release 5.7-0

New features

  • Asset Management notifications: this feature allows sending notifications of hardware and software changes via e-mail and Telegram. The system can generate notifications in case of:
    • New devices registered in Unit Platform;
    • Addition/removal of softwares and updates;
    • Hardware configuration changes.

This feature can be accessed at Asset Management > Notification configuration.

Asset Management notifications

  • New report: Device usage per user. This report shows which users use a device the most. This feature requires using Unit Platform Cloud Agent version 6.0 or newer.


  • The page “Monitoring status” was renamed to “Monitored items”.
  • Included the network interface type in the automated service discovery in Multisite Monitoring.
  • New Multisite Monitoring plugins:
    • SQL Server – Query execution:  this plugin allows executing generic SQL queries and monitor the result.
    • Agent – Event Viewer: this plugin allows searching the Windows event log.
    • Device latency: checks the ICMP response time for a device (RTA).

Bug fixes

  • Updated the URLs used in the integration with the SMS service provided by Zenvia.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to login to the platform using Safari in some Smart TVs.
  • Various minor bug fixes and layout adjustments.