Unit Platform - Release 6.3-0


  • New widget: NOC by service type. This widget allows the user to show a list of services of a specific category.

The following example shows the configuration of a widget to show only services that monitor network interfaces:

Cconfiguring a widget to show only network interfaces

To use this widget, edit a dashboard, click on “New widget” and choose “Table” > “Multisite Monitoring” > “NOC by service type”

  • The “Network consuption” within Multisite Monitoring was discontinued. The same visualization can be achieved using the widget described above.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing images loading with extensions different from .jpg as background in Business Metrics widgets.
  • Fixed issue that caused services monitored by the Unit Platform Cloud Agent to go offline if the monitoring interval was longer than 20 minutes.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the discovery of correctly identifying the names of SNMP devices if the value of OID system.sysDescr.0 had more than 255 characters.