Unit Platform - Release 6.2-1


When editing a network interface’s monitoring rules, the system will show some additional options to configure the thresholds. The user will be able to specify the rules using:

  • bits/s
  • Kbits/s
  • Mbits/s
  • Gbits/s
  • Percentage

In the following example, the rules were configured to be specified using percentages, so the thresholds have to be informed also in percentages. The image below shows a rule specified to trigger a critical alert in case the interface exceeds 95% of the capacity informed in the interface’s speed:

Configuring a network interface to trigger an alert in case the amount of traffic exceeds a percentage of the interface’s capacity

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that didn’t allow the Business Metrics dashboards to show all data within the “last 30 days” period of the timeline widget.