Unit Platform - Release 6.1-0

New features

  • The “clone device” feature was created to allow duplication of any devices monitored actively by Multisite Monitoring. There is the option of creating clones by manually filling in the data in the interface or importing a CSV file with the names and IP addresses of the devices. To access this functionality, edit the device to be duplicated and choose the “Clone” option:

Clone device

Note: devices monitored by Unit Platform Cloud Agent cannot be cloned. If it’s necessary to “clone” this devices, just install the agent on the device that should be monitored.

  • Under Multisite Monitoring > Advanced options, was created a feature to allow adding a service to multiple devices:

Advanced options

  • Created a new plugin for monitoring network interfaces via SNMP that returns the usage percentage of the interface based on the ifSpeed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow deleting custom dashboards in Business Metrics.