Unit Platform On-premises - Release 3.1-0

New features

  • Multisite Monitoring: added feature to allow the creation of custom plugins to monitor specific items.
  • Multisite Monitoring: added menu entry “Advanced Options” that enables the user to execute bulk actions. The following options are available:
    • Change services check interval.
    • Delete services.
    • Change services’ rules.
    • Change services’ parameters.


  • Improved the usability of the license distribution interface. From now on, the generic error messages were removed and the interface will inform clearly where there is a distribution error.
  • Online Databoard: altered the widget “Switch and router – Port status” to consider the OperStatus of a port when detecting its status. When the OperStatus is “down” the port color will be shown as white, otherwise the port will assume the monitoring status color.
  • Online Databoard: added new widget category “Custom plugins”.

Bug fixes

  • Multisite Monitoring: fixed error that allowed adding remote sites when a company did not have licenses available.
  • Online Databoard: fixed error that showed the port status as “unmonitored” even when the port was being monitored successfully in the “Switch and router – Port status” widget.