Unit Platform On-premises - Release 3.5-0

New features

  • Plataform: a new integration was created to allow sending SMS messages through TWW Gateway (http://www.tww.com.br/).
  • Plataform: created a new notification option to send messages to Telegram groups.
  • Business Metrics: Created new widgets to show MonitoraIT’s information in the Unit Platform’s dashboards.
  • APIs: the API URLs were updated to add the code’s version number.
  • APIs: Added the option to generate the tokens necessary to use the Unit Platform APIs under the menu Configuration > API.


  • Multisite Monitoring: added a new column on the availability report to show the availability percentage. An option to filter the reports’ results by group was also added.
  • Multisite Monitoring: removed the option to create additional local sites. By default one local site will be available per company.
    In case a company has more than one local site registered, the data will be migrated to one local site, without requiring manual changes.
  • Multisite Monitoring: changed the layout of the discovery screen to show the options to execute a discovery in the local network or a remote site.

Bug fixes

  • Multisite Monitoring: Fixed the exibition of the RTA value returned by the availability plugin. The output was being shown in microseconds instead of miliseconds.
  • Business Metrics: Fixed problem when connecting to Oracle servers using service name in Business Metrics’ widgets.
  • Business Metrics: Improved the layout of the error messages shown in the widgets.
  • Various layout adjustments and minor bug fixes.